Swipe the screen horizontally to switch between the calculators.

Market Price

By default calculators get real market price from the Internet, calculators will only output the exchange rate if it is required during the calculation. (e.g. when trading 100,000 units of EURUSD, each pip change in value is always worth 10 USD, so the exchange rate will not be displayed for this currency pair.)

If you checked custom price option, calculator will show a Custom Price field with required exchange rate of currency pair as hint.

Symbol Properties ( v3.0 )

Long press the “Currency Pair” to edit the symbol properties:

  • Pip position
  • Lot Size
  • Spreads
  • Commission

Position Size Calculator

Why should you use a Position Size Calculator?

  • Know exactly how much to risk on each trade, take calculated risks.
  • Protect yourself from heavy losses and develop the necessary disciplines required to become a successful trader.

How to use Position Size Calculator?

  1. Select your account currency and the currency pair you plan on trading.
  2. Determine how much you want to risk in this trade. It’s commonly recommended to risk less than 2% of your account balance on a single trade.
  3. Determine where you want to put your stop loss. Measure the pip distance between your entry price and stop loss price, or enter the prices into the edit field and let calculator do the work.
  4. Calculate the position size and apply this position size to your new trade.

Stop Loss & Take Profit Calculator

Why should you use Stop Loss & Take Profit Calculator

  • Help you determine the stop loss price based on a fixed risk amount.
  • Help you determine take profit price based on risk reward ratio.
  • Help you calculate risk reward ratio based on target price.

How to use Stop Loss & Take Profit Calculator

  1. Select your account currency and the currency pair you are going to trade.
  2. Determine the position size of this trade.
  3. Determine how much you want to risk in this trade.
  4. To calculate the target price, enter your entry price and ideal risk reward ratio for this trade.
  5. To calculate risk reward ratio, enter entry price and target price for this trade. (Use switch button to change your options.)
  6. Calculate results and apply results accordingly to your trade.

Keep Entry Data

If this option is checked, app will always remember your input settings from the last calculation and disregard the default settings. If this option is unchecked, app will empty all the input values and load default settings upon app restart.